2017 Tour Schedule

Small Group Tours

Start 2018 by fulfilling a dream. Book a tour in 2018! See the tours still available below. 

Below is a list of our small group destinations through Europe and the Northeast United States. All of our tours are designed for small groups of 6 – 16 people. Our small group tours are aimed at experiencing and enjoying the history and culture of the region visited, and they excel in unique gourmet experiences. We would love to have you join us on one of our small group tours!


Small Group Tours

  • Bordeaux, Dordogne & Languedoc
    Bordeaux, Dordogne & Languedoc

    JUNE 13-27, 2018
    15 DAYS | 2018 Price: $6,990
    This France tour features the best wines and gastronomic cuisine, idyllic hilltop villages, optional balloon ride, underground boat ride, prehistoric cave paintings, historic castles and unspoiled medieval towns with no cars, warm friendly hosts, the art of Toulouse-Lautrec.
  • Switzerland & Italy’s Northern Lakes
    Switzerland & Italy’s Northern Lakes
    AUGUST 30 -SEPTEMBER 12, 2018
    14 DAYS | 2018 Price: $7,990
    Idyllic villages tucked in the mountains, stunning vistas, Alps excursion by boat-train-gondola, Swiss fondue and chocolate, boat rides on Maggiore and Como, fascinating history, all the magnificent beauty of Switzerland and Italy's Northern Lakes.
  • Croatia, Slovenia and Venice
    Croatia, Slovenia and Venice
    SEPTEMBER 19- OCTOBER 3, 2018
    15 DAYS | 2018 Price: $7,190
    Come with us to this magnificent part of old, unspoiled Europe: the scenery is gorgeous; the outdoor cafés are enticing; the people are unbelievably friendly; the villages are picturesque and inviting; there are wonderful castles, palaces, and fascinating ancient ruins.
  • Rome, Amalfi Coast & Sicily
    Rome, Amalfi Coast & Sicily
    OCTOBER 15-28, 2018
    14 DAYS | 2018 Price: $7,890
    Breathtaking scenery, the grandeur of Rome, Amalfi's stunning cliffs, the magic of Capri, the awe of Pompeii, Sicily's ancient Greek temples, colorful markets, wonderful wines and foods, spectacular scenery, warm hearted people, beautiful Taormina.
  • Back Roads & Wines of Portugal
    Back Roads & Wines of Portugal
    OCTOBER 22-NOVEMBER 5, 2018
    15 DAYS | 2018 Price: $6,790
    Wonderful Portuguese historian as escort, winery visits in the main wine regions of Portugal, gorgeous accommodations in villas, historic “Pousadas” and elegant inns, outstanding cuisine, UNESCO sites, friendly locals, and picturesque villages.

About our small group tours: Specializing since 1994 in small group tours of Europe and the Northeast U.S. We offer gourmet small group tours, indulging in wonderful food and wine, staying at elegant  accommodations with regional character, experiencing local culture and scenery at a leisurely pace with friendly local guides, all at an exceptional value.