Trips to Ireland & UK

Small Group Tours – Ireland, England & Scotland

Come join us on one of our small group trips to Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. Each of our tours acquaints travelers with the local history, culture and cuisine of the regions visited. And, these vibrant, culturally rich regions, filled with natural beauty, have so much to offer: Irish singing pubs; the smoothest single malt whisky in the world; the greenest hills you’ll ever see; amazing local guides who can quote Shakespeare or identify rare bog forms on the Burren or tell hilarious fairy stories; half-timbered cottages; Cambridge and Canterbury; the  fascinating Anglo-Saxon archeological site Sutton Hoo; magnificent cliffs and mountain scenery; ancient Celtic monuments; romantic castles; the friendliest people.

  • Scotland and Ireland
    Scotland and Ireland
    MAY 31-JUNE 14, 2018
    AUGUST 26-SEPTEMBER 9, 2018

    15 DAYS | 2018 Price: $6690 Land Only
    Striking green hills dotted with sheep, megalithic Celtic stones, friendly locals speaking Gaelic, small villages with cobblestone streets, cozy “singing” pubs, ancient churches, the Scottish Highlands, picturesque castles, mountains and lochs.
    Book pre-tour days in August to experience the famous Edinburgh Tattoo

Past UK & Ireland Tours

Although the following UK & Ireland tours are not being offered this year, they are still available for custom tour requests. You are also welcome to let us know if you think any of these should be on our schedule for next year!

  • English Villages: East Anglia & Kent
    English Villages: East Anglia & Kent
    Suffolk, Essex, and Norfolk Counties: homeland of the first settlers of New England. Picturesque villages, ancient churches, half-timbered cottages, cobblestone streets, the fascinating Cambridge and Canterbury, Dover Castle, WWII Wartime Tunnels.
  • East Anglia: Retracing Our Puritan Roots
    East Anglia: Retracing Our Puritan Roots
    Join us on a one-in-a-lifetime journey tracing America's Puritan roots back to East Anglia, England. Enjoy lectures and interactive discussions, the villages and churches our Puritan forefathers frequented, and discover what drove them to leave for America.

About our trips to Ireland & UK: All of our UK & Ireland tours are for small groups of 6 – 16 travelers. Our tours are aimed at experiencing and enjoying regional culture. As such, for each of our trips to Ireland & UK we hand-select the most fascinating, fun, and culturally rich destinations and activities that a given region has to offer.